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The story of Royal Leopard

Royal Leopard finances and produces original scripted and unscripted entertainment for the broadcasting, film and digital platforms.

We are storytellers!

The art of storytelling takes you on a journey of discovery. Our aim is to bring you content, deep in meaning, that leaves you wanting to watch more; a journey of its own. No matter what the topic is, we have prided ourselves by creating stories full of dimension, riddled in subplots, and highlighting key narratives. This approach leads to building a stronger connection between the audience and the content.

Focused research that brings about vital information, allowing us to think creatively.

Developing treatments that come to life.
Building characters that speak to you.
Designing storyboards that help you visualize your dream.
Delivering supreme standards of filming that reel you in.
Strategic marketing plans that reach the maximum audience.



Fahd Al Qasimi

Founder, Chief Content Officer

Hossam Aly

Co-Founder, CEO

Royal Content


Women of Dubai

Follow the cosmopolitan lives of 5 successful women living in Dubai as their Friendship is challenged by insecurities and misunderstandings white they remain focused on breaking stereotypes and barriers.

Much like anywhere else, every woman in the Arab world is different. From the earnest twenty-something to the fierce and hip grandmother, the busy celebrity stylist to the businesswoman, and from the event and TV presenter to the beauty specialist. The one thing they all share is… Girl Power!

The ladies are all about empowering each other and every woman, young or old, watching the show. Get inside the lives of these women who live the fast and glamorous life in Dubai and learn what makes them tick. See them juggling the demands of high-powered jobs with the demands of family and, for some, the search for love.

Murder In The Gardens

An Emirati female-led police drama feature film set in Dubai. Palestinian auteur Annemarie Jacir is attached to direct from an original screenplay penned by our very own Mo Yusuf.

Royal Team


Hossam Aly


A graduate of Woodbury University, California, Hossam majored in Political Science & Business Management. Upon returning to the UAE, he began his career as a Financial Analyst for Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank where he fit into the Large Corporate Finance division for clients with assets above 500 million.

Quickly adapting to the competitive environment, Hossam found comfort in managing and facilitating multiple company accounts. He focused on their needs, considered their financial liabilities, and eased the bank’s exposure to risk.

Moving away from banking, Hossam soon found his feet at a global consulting firm. Protiviti. This paved the way for his future in entertainment. Working as a business strategy consultant for the media sector, he acquired the knowledge and skills needed to run a successful business in the field; transforming and strategizing for reputed companies in the region such as MBC, Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, DMI, and EXPO 2020.

Keeping alert, he has since sharpened his technical and commercial skills until his passion for entertainment and entrepreneurial instincts saw him co-found his own production house, Royal Leopard. Hossam identified the gap in the region’s markets and saw the potential and need of original Arabic content for film and television. Hossam now executively produced all its TV and film projects while actively seeking opportunities to expand its investment in Arabic content.

Salma Azzam


From a young age. Salma was glued to the TV. Always watching and studying movies with close attention. Her young passion for following the footsteps of her idles has led her to an early start to a fruitful career in filmmaking.

Studying at the New York Film Academy, Abu Dhabi, Salma’s short film, Life Notes – which was written, directed, and edited by her – soured to unprecedented heights. At the age of only 18, her film earned a place at the Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival. Only a year later, her short film How We Lost What We Found, earned Salma yet another spot at the Cannes Film Festival. A feat very few have been able to proudly achieve so young.

Her young spirit and tenacious drive saw her continue to develop her skills as she completed her studies in Fine Arts at SAE, Dubai, as well as completing a course in International Film and Wellness in Education at Academy Plus, Cardiff.

Yearning for even more, Salma has continued to direct and develop works of art for film festivals globally. Striving to further herself and learn from the industry’s best, she is currently completing yet another study in English literature at Damascus University. Damascus.

Recently. Salma has worked as a creative producer on documentaries which saw her at the inauguration of ONDXB. It featured her as a rising talent, celebrating the film industry in the region. Currently, she is in the pre-production process of two feature films while creating several passion projects at the same time.

Hussein Taha

Writer & Assistant Director

Working In the film industry for the past nine years, Hussein has worked on all aspects of screen production. Starting as an editor and winning smaller awards, he decided to become more technical and pursue a Masters In Cinematography. There he learned how to shape and manipulate light in interesting and artistic ways, which has seen him excel as a Chief Lighting Technician on largo film sots. His not work roaches the far cornerS of the world as he has worked with critically acclaimed cast and crew who managed to produce works that have seen vallant success.

Hussein worked meticulously to improve his technical skills to perform jobs with efficiency and sense of urgency, but wanting to express creative freedom, he set out to gain a second Masters, only this time in Documentaries. By learning the poetic language of unconventional documentaries, he was able to study the physics of light oven further, while this degree allowed him to prove his worth.

Among the several documentaries he has written and directed, he has seen one make it to the National Museum of Australia and was used for research in an Original Netflix Documentary, and the other was based on a discovery that led to a book which linked the famous novelist, Leo Tolstoy, to a rural area in Western Australia.

Now with ammunition in both the creative and technical aspects of filmmaking, Hussein continues to Improve and discover.

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